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Wandering home…

Being born and raised in Texas, we love chili. We also love Austin, especially watching Austin emerge as a leader of technological growth and new urban-ism while also growing into the heart and soul of the food and music scene in this country. After extensive travelling for over a decade, exploring regional cuisines throughout the United States and all over the world, we were surprised to return to Austin and find a lack of dining options for the most classic of Texas dishes: chili. How could this city, one of the best food cities in the world, which happens to be located in the heart of Texas, have so few chili options?

The seed was planted and our goal was simple: provide Austin the option to savor exceptional chili in a lively and enjoyable atmosphere. Of course, Austin is all about unique, interesting, and delicious food. We knew we couldn’t come in here with an average product and expect to wow the people of Austin.

Our mission was to take this classic and beloved food and revitalize it with a brand new flavor profile. We like to call it reinventing chili. Our recipe is inspired by Eastern Mediterranean flavors, particularly by ingredients and techniques brought to the American Midwest by Greek immigrants in the early 1900’s. We use fresh ground aromatic spices and all natural local beef to deliver an exotically delicious yet elegant chili. Well balanced and not too spicy with a robust aroma and flavor, we are confident that you will love our unique and delicious chili. Come see us do what we love! Serving great food with passion and a steady dose of fun.



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10106 Manchaca Road

Austin, Texas 78748

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